Count on Copperhead Plumbing
for Kitchens and Baths

Count on Copperhead Plumbing
for Kitchens and Baths

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most used rooms of the house. This is why you need Copperhead Plumbing for these two important rooms. Our plumbers do more than just fix plumbing problems; we redesign and install kitchens and bathrooms in existing spaces as well as new buildings and additions!

Copperhead Plumbing can fix plumbing problems in any kitchen or bathroom in Roanoke, VA

Copperhead Plumbing can update your kitchen with new plumbing, water heaters, garbage disposals & more in Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas

Kitchens: Trends Change;
Modern Styling

Depending on the age of your home, families recognize when trends change and the need exists for more modern styling of sinks, space, and other kitchen components. Cabinetry alone can be a big reason for homeowners to redesign their kitchen. Older sinks and water delivery give way to larger or double sinks, point-of-service water heaters and filtration units, garbage disposals, and refrigerators with water and ice in the door.

Bathroom Size and Additions

Quite like the kitchen, a family bathroom often needs updating. The experts at Copperhead Plumbing and Heating know what it takes to renovate an existing bathroom, like replacing a new sink or tub, as well as plan for a new bathroom when you need more convenient lavatory areas in your home. Plan for a new powder room in an existing space, or a luxurious new master bath in a newly built master suite or spacious in-law suite.

Copperhead Plumbing has the experience to update your bathroom with new tubs, sinks & more in Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas

If water runs through it, we do it! Copperhead Plumbing and Heating: (540) 819-5464