Home Heating with Natural Gas in Roanoke, VA

Copperhead Plumbing installs & repairs gas lines in the Roanoke Valley, VA

Gas Lines Installed
and Maintained by Copperhead Plumbing and Heating

For generations, natural gas has shown to be the preferred way to heat homes in the winter and cook food all year long. Homes using natural gas require hard gas lines be installed and maintained to pipe the gas to furnaces, hot water tanks, stoves, and gas fireplaces. Heating with gas can be made easy & safe by calling the professionals at Copperhead Plumbing and Heating, LLC, in Roanoke, VA.

New Gas Lines Installed by
Copperhead Plumbing and Heating

New construction, even a new addition to an existing structure, can need new gas lines installed to provide for heating and water. New gas pipes are attached from the municipal supply, to the main meter at the house, and then channeled to where the gas will be used. Most often, this work is limited to the basement or lower levels of the house, where most of the larger appliances that use gas may be located.

Copperhead Plumbing can install a new gas line systems to a new or existing structure in Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas

Copperhead Plumbing maintains & extends gas lines in Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas

and Extending Gas Lines

Copperhead Plumbing and Heating helps homeowners to maintain and extend gas service. This can be especially important when there may be a partial system installed, or when homeowners choose to add new features in new locations, such as placing a gas fireplace into a master bedroom or family room area, or installing a gas dryer in the laundry room. Kitchen renovations may also require moving or extending gas lines for the stove, oven, or point of use water heater.

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